Project Bibliography

Below are a list of books that are useful when starting your own project.

Geophysical Survey Projects

Camidge K. et al, 2009, Developing Magnetometer Techniques to Identify Submerged Archaeological Sites - A Theoretical Study Report

Fish J., 1990, Sound Underwater Images, Lower Cape Publishing, ISBN 0 936972 14 9

Ingham A.E., 1992, Hydrography for the Surveyor and Engineer 3rd Ed., Blackwell Scientific Publications, ISBN 0 632 02943 9

Kearey P. et al, 2002, An Introduction to Geophysical Exploration 3rd Ed., Blackwell Science Ltd., ISBN 978 0 632 04929 5

Shipwreck Recording Projects

Bowen A. (Ed.), 2009, Underwater Archaeology, The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice 2nd Ed., Blackwell Publishing, ISBN 978 1 4051 7592 0


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